Saturday Business Academy FAQ's


What is Saturday Business Academy?

Saturday Business Academy (SBA) is a mentorship program designed to prepare Los Angeles high school students with the skills & confidence to pursue higher education and become future leaders. Our program focuses on individual mentorship and programming related to college preparatory, business & financial literacy, and professional development.

When are the sessions?

The Junior term runs from January-May and Senior term runs from September-December. All monthly SBA sessions take place on Saturdays from 9am-1pm PST. Exact session dates are determined closer to the start of the term.

Who is Saturday Business Academy for?

The program is for 11th and 12th grade students from our three partner schools: Alliance Leichtman Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High School (ESAT) 2930 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90065 Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School (Gertz) 2023 S Union Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007 Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex (Ouchi) 5356 South 5th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043 Our partners are part of the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, a network of charter schools that brings high-quality public education to low-income Los Angeles communities that have been systematically underserved. For more information about the Alliance, please visit their website at laalliance.org.

Where do the sessions take place?

SBA sessions take place in Los Angeles on campus at our partner schools. However, due to COVID-19, sessions have been held virtually over Zoom.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on Saturday Business Academy?

Our first priority is the health and safety of our students. Due to COVID-19, the Junior Spring 2020 sessions transitioned to Zoom and were held virtually. We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the Senior Fall 2020 term (September-December). Whether sessions are held in-person or virtually, we remain committed to providing our students a transformational experience that will prepare them to become the next generation of diverse leaders.

Is lunch provided?

Wear your feasting pants! Lunch and light refreshments are provided for mentors and students at in-person sessions.

For Mentors

How do I become a mentor?

Please fill out the SBA Mentor Application form by clicking here.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

Mentors assist students with their college applications and provide guidance on other topics listed in the curriculum (e.g. career exploration, professional development, financial/business acumen).

What if I cannot volunteer as a mentor but am still interested in being involved with SBA?

There are a variety of ways to get involved with SBA. Some common ways professionals got involved were by teaching a workshop on a topic (e.g. resume building, personal branding on social media), a source for informational interviews, a guest speaker, help in the administrative side of SBA, and organize tours or speaker panels with their firm. We encourage anyone who wishes to get involved to apply and we can have a conversation about how you and SBA can work together. Some positions/areas that extra involvement is always welcome includes sponsorship, marketing, event planning, recruiter (help find internships), college admissions liaison, and legal writing.

Who do I contact if I am interested in volunteering for SBA and/or have additional questions?

Please reach out to our SBA Directors Earl Hall and Bryce Morrison.

What if I cannot make a session?

It is understandable that while mentors are required to attend all sessions, unforeseen circumstances may prevent mentors from attending. We request that mentors please advise their SBA Program Managers as soon as possible if they cannot attend a session, so that alternate arrangements can be made and a student is not left without a Mentor on the session date.

What is the time commitment as a mentor?

Mentors can anticipate about 8 hours per month during the SBA Junior (January-May) and Senior (September-December) terms. In addition, we encourage mentors to engage with their mentee during the summer break.

What are the elligibility requirements for being a mentor?

  • Willing to adhere to all SBA Mentor Program policies and procedures
  • Able to make at least a one-year commitment to the program
  • Able to not miss more than two sessions during a school year
  • Willing to communicate with assigned mentee(s) twice a month (via phone, email, etc.)
  • Willing to complete the screening procedure: online application, background check, mentor trainings, and mentee match
  • Willing to communicate on a monthly basis with program managers
  • Clean criminal history, no illicit drug use, and must have never been accused, arrest, charged or convicted of child abuse or molestation.