Do you have a question about Saturday Business Academy? We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently-asked questions, displayed below. If you have any other questions that are not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us at sba [at] riordanalumni [dot] com.

1.) What is the Saturday Business Academy (SBA)?

With the support of the Riordan Programs, alumni of the Riordan Fellows Program founded the Saturday Business Academy (SBA) in early 2005 at College-Ready Academy High School (CRAHS) in South Los Angeles, which is part of the Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools (the Alliance).  The Riordan Programs Alumni Association (RPAA) created the SBA to meet the needs of the CRAHS 10th grade students from low socioeconomic backgrounds who possess the potential to go to college but lack the traditional resources critical for college admittance.  Through individual mentorship, college preparatory workshops and a curriculum that instills a basic competence in financial literacy, SBA seeks to help the Alliance attain its goal of a 100% college matriculation rate for its students.  Beginning with the 2008-2009 academic school year, SBA now takes place at Gertz-Ressler High School, William and Carol Ouchi High School, and Environmental Science & Technology High School (ESAT).

To learn more about the College-Ready Academy High school’s please visit www.laalliance.org

2.) What is the difference between SBA Seniors and SBA Juniors?

SBA Seniors is a program designed for seniors in high school that focuses on assisting students complete their college applications, specifically the personal statement portion of the application. Other topics covered include creating a resume, financial aid, selecting a major, and adjusting to college life.

SBA Junior is a program designed for junior and sophomore students. The program focuses on preparing students to apply to college along with covering other important topics such as the importance of saving and investing money, finding an internship/ job, and creating a resume.

3.) What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

Mentors are required to attend monthly sessions one to two Saturdays a month for about 4 hours and participate on one field trip to a local university campus. The role of mentors includes assisting students with their personal statements, putting together a resume, finding an internship, and other topics listed in the curriculum.

4.) When do the sessions take place?

All SBA session take place on Saturdays. Exact dates are posted on the SBA website. Occasionally it will be necessary to reschedule dates due to conflicts with other school events but SBA Coordinators will advise all mentors and students with advance notice.

5.) Where do the sessions take place?

Site 1: Gertz-Ressler High School , 2023 South Union Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007.
Site 2: William and Carol Ouchi High School, 2621 West 54th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90043
Site 3: Environmental Science & Technology High School (ESAT), 2930 Fletcher Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065

6.) What if I cannot make a session?

It is understandable that while mentors are required to attend all sessions unforeseen circumstances may prevent mentors from attending. We request that mentors please advise the SBA Mentor Coordinator for their program as soon as possible if they cannot attend a session so that alternate arrangements can be made and a student is not left without a mentor on the session date.

7.) How are the mentors matched with students?

Both mentors and students fill out applications. The applications provide information on interests, hobbies, and career goals which are used to match students and mentors with similar interests.

8.) What if I cannot serve as a mentor but still interested in working with SBA?

If you cannot serve as a mentor we encourage individuals to volunteer as session presenters. This includes leading a session on a particular topic. Individuals are allowed to propose a new topic not part of the current curriculum.  In essence this opportunity will allow you to be a teacher for a day. As the session presenter, you will be required to prepare and submit your lesson three weeks in advance.

9.) Who should I contact if I am interested in mentoring, teaching a session for SBA, or learning more about SBA?

Please send an email to sba@riordanalumni.com and indicate what school you are interested in working with (Gertz-Ressler High School, Ouchi High School, or Environmental Science & Technology High School (ESAT)) and in what capacity (i.e. Mentor/Session Presenter).




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