Founded in 1987, The Riordan Programs are a set of pioneering career-based outreach programs that motivate high school students, college students and recent college graduates from diverse backgrounds and under-served communities to consider and prepare for careers in management through education, mentorship and professional development. The Riordan Programs have since been recognized as the defining model for such programs.

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Mission of the Riordan Programs

  • Encourage individuals (high school age through post-baccalaureate) with little guidance and mentorship to consider careers in business and to seek graduate-level education opportunities.
  • Prepare individuals to be admissible to top universities and graduate programs.
  • Prepare individuals for leadership positions in the business community and society by providing the necessary training to fulfill their career goals in management.

Initiatives & Programs by the Riordan Programs

  • Riordan Scholars Program | Learn More »

    A college preparatory program, which focuses on business and leadership for high school students.

  • College to Career Program | Learn More »

    Formerly known as The Health Care Management Program, the College to Career Program targets first generation college students who are interested in preparing for internships and careers in management. It’s core purpose is to educate, prepare, and motivate these individuals to competitively apply and succeed in internships and careers post- college.

  • Riordan MBA Fellows Program | Learn More »

    Provides college students and young professionals leadership and management training and motivates participants to competitively apply and succeed in a top MBA program.

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